Areas of use

  • schools and universities
  • healthcare
  • public authorities
  • hotel industry
  • tourism
  • indoor- und outdoor signage
  • transport industry
  • exhibitions and information points
  • etc.

Get your own regional interactive information system.

It works 24/7 and reaches your target audience at any given time.

It’s especially useful at highly frequented tourist places.

We offer you customized solutions with future technology

Current events, construction projects, construction sites and much more: Tell your citizens and tourists everything that is going on in your town.

Make use of the communication tools, such as steles from in4me.

Changes with just one click, save time and money: forget expensive print products.

Print products are kind of old-school in the age of globalisation and digitalisation.

Display your information digital. You just need 3 clicks to get your pic online.

Easy and self-explanatory.

Digital official board for cities and towns – daily information for your citizens: bring your town closer to your citizens with modern technology.

Your staff can update the information easily with just a few clicks.

Digital advertisement from shops and restaurants – more sales for your town: regional and cross-regional advertisement.

Concentrated young woman touching digital screen and choosing route. Confused woman finding her location or reading information on stand outdoors. Free city map concept

Display your information with DS-in4me in the best possible way. Place your information on the TV and use the chance to sell your spots to local and regional partners.

You want it – you get it: Tipps, offers, or just simple news and weather reports – display your guests all the information 24/7 at the device on their room, in the lobby, the spa area, outdoors, etc. Your guests are always well informed and your beautiful content makes them want to see and explore more.

Show your best offers: With our system you can display your offers directly onto the guests screen. You have 3 massages left? Create the offer and get it online with just a few simple clicks. Every guests on the room can see it and your free lots for the massages will be booked in no time.

Advertising time for partner companies – more sales for you:

Advertise partner companies besides your own information, e.g. sport stores, bakeries, public baths, tourist information centres. Etc.

Gain more money through selling your advertising space to partners.

Just a few seconds and no printing expenses: Our system is so easy to handle. It just takes a couple of clicks and you’ll be uploading a new picture and text. Don’t rely on printed material, that is hard to update and needs to be spread in every single room in your hotel.

Hotel entrance sign

Reach your target group directly at the POS. With DS-in4me you’ll easily make more sales.

Digital advertising: in front of your hotel, display products in your store.  Position your company in an innovative way.

Make your customers long for their next stay: Show them what your company is up to in the upcoming weeks and what they might miss. Display special offers and events within a few seconds.


Digital instead of print: Your information system is set up within a few minutes, it’s user friendly and super easy to use. Make the swap to digital information.

Portrait of young couple shopping in the mall

A pleasant way to pass waiting time: Display your menus, special offers.

Crave for more: an exotic cocktail, a delicious salad or an extraordinary dessert. A picture is worth a thousand words, so let them speak for you. Show your guests what they might miss the next days so they’ll come back.

Advertising at the touch of a button:  Save time and effort with a digital information system.

Save printing costs – act digital the most: Stop printing your daily meals on paper.

Image boost, even when your company is closed. A digital screen shows your clients your offers anytime.

Waiter holding a burger with tong in café


Our systems are innovative state of the art technology. We can adopt them specifically to your needs.

Digital information super easy to handle: our systems are very userfriendly. After a short introduction everybody can handle it on their own.

Independent and flexible: Our Digital Signage software works on all TV labels, older generations as well as the newest technology.

Our systems


Deliver relevant information to you target audience with our digital sigange systems.

Communicate, market and display information fast and in an efficient way.


easy to use information system
Our brand new developped system SEP7 is everyone's digital signage dream. It's the latest state of the art technology and serves all customer's needs.
It was launched on September 7th.
More information to follow soon


We are so excited for our new system.

So we will be giving our first 10 customers 10 %.

Feel free to ask if there are available spots left.


    Perfect for the hotel industry.

    Forget about those oldschool printed maps you have displayed on your rooms. Updating them each day with is too time consuming. So you might end up not having the latest news in your maps.

    Better invest in an information system and communicate the latest news and information within seconds to your guests.

    Our HI-System

    easy to use information system
    Hi-System suits every budget and it's easy to use, for your staff as well as your guests.

    Smartphone APP

    We also have a smartphone solution for all our systems. So your guests can easily access all the information on their own device.